Why Get A Tarot Reading?

Why get a Tarot Reading? 

Well, different people are going to have different reasons for seeking out the services of a Tarot Reader.  I come from the perspective of a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, and to me the Tarot is a fun way to answer questions from different perspectives and to begin seeing life in different ways.  It provides an enjoyable way to probe the deeper issues of life in a non-judgmental manner, and even to reveal hidden issues which neither the reader nor the client saw at first glance.  Tarot, with it’s symbolism, is a fantastic tool to help us think outside of the box and to facilitate more creative thinking in general.

Some use the Tarot to connect with the God or Spiritual Beings of their understanding, and this is definitely my perspective as well.  Still others use the Tarot to probe more deeply into their own Subconsciousness and the Collective Unconsciousness.  As a reader who has been working with Tarot since the 1970’s, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate Tarot in many different ways and have learned to rely on the cards to help myself through many of life’s uncertainties.

Of course the choice as to whether or not to get a Tarot Reading is totally up to the client.  Some may get their first reading simply out of curiosity, and this is a perfect place to start for both the client getting a reading and the novice seeker wanting to learn how to do readings for themselves.  Others may have a long history in consulting the cards and may already know full well what to expect.  Whatever your point of view we here at Tarot By Ralph will work to make your reading experience an enjoyable and enlightening one.

Why Get A Reading With Ralph?

Here at Tarot By Ralph your reader has a long professional relationship with the Tarot.  Ralph has been reading Tarot since the 1970’s, and turned pro around 10 years ago doing phone readings on a few major psychic networks.  I are now building up my own private brand in an effort to become more independent and to help save my clients their own hard earned cash too.  You see, professional phone reading networks are a great place to get started in Tarot reading, but they do charge the reader about 55% of their daily profits, which is a huge business expense.  This expense forces the reader to set their rates at around $3.00 per minute or higher just to get by.  Being an independent brand, Tarot By Ralph can offer services at half that rate and still provide great quality products for our clients.

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Disclaimer: Readings are for Entertainment and Spiritual Guidance purposes only.  We are not doctors or lawyers or financial experts, we are spiritual and life coaches offering guidance in general matters.  If you require professional help in matters of health, law, finance, etc, please contact a professional in the appropriate field.  We also will not do readings that may constitute an invasion of privacy for any third party.  We are here to be of service to you and you alone.  Please be assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we vow to serve in a positive and ethical manner at all times.   



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