The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana (Major Mysteries) is composed of the first 22 cards of the Tarot deck.  It begins with card 0 (The Fool) and ends with card 21 (The World).

The Major Arcana tends to deal with the deeper spiritual mysteries of life, as opposed to the Minor Arcana (Minor Mysteries) which tends to deal with everyday earthly matters.

The first step in our journey through the Major Arcana will be The Fool.


The Fool

Card 0 is The Fool.

Zero is the number of the soul awaiting birth, and so The Fool can be seen as representing new paths and new adventures.  It can also be seen as heralding the birth of a new baby, or a new concept or worldview just coming into focus.

The Fool can also be seen as representing potential energy as opposed to energy that has been actualized in the physical world.  Think the difference between having the idea for an app and then actually building the app.  The Fool is more of the idea for the app, and not the fully formed app itself.

The Fool can be seen as either positive or negative.

The positive side of The Fool is going off on a new adventure full of joy and enthusiasm; hope and promise.

The negative side of The Fool is going off unprepared on a journey which might end badly due to poor planning or just plain foolishness.

When you see The Fool come up in a reading, know that something new is about to reveal itself.


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