Thank You For Your Payment!

Thank You For Your Payment!


Now tell us a little bit about yourself using the Contact Form Below.

We need to know your name, your Email address, your phone number and what time zone you live in.  Also, please give us a general idea of when would be a good time to contact you for your reading.  Generally, if you can give us 3 appointment options that work for you, we can make at least one of those options work with our scheduling.  And, feel free to tell Ralph or Eagle a little bit about the concern you would like to discuss in your reading.

We will contact you by Email to let you know when your finalized reading appointment will be.  Then, when the time for your reading arrives, we will contact you using the phone number you have provided.

Thanks for your business.  Will be contacting you soon!

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Disclaimer:  Readings are for entertainment and spiritual guidance purposes only.  We are not doctors, or lawyers, or financial advisers.  We offer spiritual guidance and life & relationship advice based on our own skills and experiences.   If you require more specialized professional help, please contact the proper counsel in the appropriate field.  

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