Tarot Superstitions: Is It OK To Read For Yourself?


One question that comes up from time to time in the world of Tarot reading is, “Is it OK for me to read Tarot for myself?” There are those who would answer, “No,” and there are others who regard that old belief as mere superstition. Still, those who answer “No,” do have a point, which I will deal with shortly.

Personally I read for myself almost daily. If a question comes up that I need a little guidance from the world of Spirit on, I break out my deck, ask my question, and then start throwing the cards on the table. And, most of the time, the practice works perfectly. But there are some times when the assistance of another reader is needed.

I have found that if a question is too serious or too personal – one we might not be able to easily detach ourselves from in order to give a good objective reading – then it is best to seek a third party for a more objective view. Serious issues like a family or personal crisis are perfect examples of when it might be better to seek out the guidance of another professional reader. As human beings, sometimes we like to sugar coat things when it comes to personal issues. And other times, in a situation of extreme crisis or drama, we may tend to go to the other extreme and be too hard on ourselves. At times like these having a trusted third party we can use to seek deeper guidance from is a valuable asset indeed. And when those situations arise, I believe it is best to seek out the guidance of another Tarot reader and not go it alone.

There is an old saying, “The lawyer who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client.” And there is a lot of truth in that statement. How can a lawyer, no matter how good he or she is, be able to detach from the situation at hand completely enough to do a professional job? Having another lawyer who can see things more objectively with far less personal attachment and prejudice, would be a far better choice than representing oneself. Or we can see this question from a different perspective by thinking of doctors and dentists. How many doctors perform surgery on themselves? How many dentists work on their own teeth? Probably not that many. Even if you are an extreme do it yourself’er, there are occasions where seeking out the help of another professional is vital.

Now, if a person is just learning the art of Tarot and is looking for ways to practice, a great way to get that practice is by doing readings for yourself, and then branching out by doing readings for friends and family members. And again, so long as a person is doing general readings of a lighter nature, I see no problems in doing readings for yourself. Doing readings for yourself is a fun way to learn and gain additional experience.  I do general energy readings for myself and my family pretty much on a daily basis, and it all works out fine. But, if you are facing a more extreme situation where you need some friendly advice from Spirit, the cards, and another human being, then it is best to seek out the advice of another trusted reader and lay your soul bear as it were.

No person is an island. There are situations we can handle on our own just fine, and in those situations the do it yourself method is great. But, when you want to go deeper into a probing question – one in which a fresh pair of eyes and perspective is vital – then we must feel free to ask for help and to accept that help. We do not always have all the right answers. On a bad day, we may not even have all the right questions. In those circumstances, seeking help and guidance from another reader makes sense. And helping bring clarity to other people is what the art of Tarot Reading is all about.

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