Tarot Readings or Tarot Consultations: What’s The Difference?

what's the difference?

If you have been searching the internet looking up information on Tarot, then there are two terms you may be wondering about.  The common term “Tarot Reading” and the less common term “Tarot Consultation.”  So, what is the difference between them?

As a Tarot practitioner who started out doing readings in the 1970’s and who now focuses mainly on providing quality Tarot Consultations, I will share my insights on the matter.

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To begin with “Tarot Reading” is a broad term that takes in a lot of space.  It can refer to parlor divination done mostly just for entertainment at parties, or your phone psychics charging $10 per minute (more or less) to let people know what their boyfriends/girlfriends might be thinking of them when they fail to call for weeks on end.  And it can also apply to people who are willing to spend some quality time with others helping them through some very serious issues.

All of this (and more) can apply to the term “Tarot Reading.”

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The term “Tarot Consultation” on the other hand, tends to be a lot more narrow and a lot more serious.

Tarot consultations are generally not done at parties for “Entertainment.”  They can be done in business settings helping executives determine if the second quarter would be a good time to spend a million dollars expanding their corporate reach, or if it might be best to stay put and wait for a more opportune time.

You can also find in this category professional “Police Psychics” who earn their living aiding authorities in solving crimes and working with crime victims.  You can also find people who dedicate their lives to helping others achieve their goals in life and grow spiritually.  In short, a “Tarot Consultant” is a more professional “Tarot Reader” who is willing to sit down with people for an extended period of time (anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour) helping them through the more trying times in life.

Tarot Consultants generally do not charge by the minute, because they know there is not a great deal that can be done in a 5 or 10 minute session, other than providing entertainment.  Instead they tend to charge by the session, knowing that trying to help people become better is going to take a more sustained level of commitment.

Tarot Consultants (like other consultants) have their specific areas of expertise.  Some cater to business professionals and are very happy working in office parks dressed in suits and ties.  Others may operate from a psychological perspective integrating Tarot into their practice as psychologists or therapists.  We at Tarot By Ralph work from the perspective of Interfaith Spiritual Directors and Motivational Coaches helping people get inspired and find their inner strengths.

Of course there is a lot of overlap when talking about Tarot Readings and Tarot Consultations.  There are some very good Tarot Readers who work both in the boardrooms of major corporations and as readers in psychic fairs.  But I tend to view Tarot Consultation as being a more serious application of this Hermetic Art where the focus is on helping the client rather than just making a fast buck.

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Our Services. 

At Tarot By Ralph we offer Tarot Consultations in both English and Spanish.

Tarot Consultations are done by phone and give the client a chance to talk through their problems with someone who is willing to listen in a secure and non-judgmental environment.  We book 0pen ended Tarot Consultations which can range anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour in length, depending on how much you have to discuss.

Rest assured you will be treated in a dignified and helpful manner.  Our focus will be on helping you work through your problems as best we can.

To get more information on ordering these services, contact Ralph at tarotbyralph@gmail.com and I will answer any questions you may have.

Disclaimer:  Consultations are done for Inspirational and Entertainment purposes only.  We are not doctors, lawyers, psychologists, or financial experts.  We are seasoned life coaches with a background in Non-Denominational Ministry and Spiritual Direction.  If you require other services, please contact the proper professional in the appropriate field.   

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