Tarot Readings In Spanish.

Tarot Readings In Spanish.

Tarot Readings In Spanish Are Back!

Welcome back Heydi!

Heydi has been a highly sought after 5-star reader on Keen since 2011.  Now you can arrange to speak with her here at Tarot By Ralph for half of her regular rate.  Get her guidance in love and relationships, life questions, spirituality, or any other issue you would like.  Readings with Heydi are in Spanish only.

To book a Tarot reading in Spanish, first pay for the session using the buttons below:

30 Minute Reading for $45.

60 Minute Reading for $90.

Then, use the Email address tarotbyralph@gmail.com to tell us a little bit about yourself.  We will need to know your name, your Email address, your phone number, and the time zone you live in.  Also feel free to tell Heydi a little bit about your concern if you wish.  Also, give us a general idea of when you would like your reading appointment to be scheduled for.  It helps to give us 3 preferred appointment times to work with.  That way, if your first choice is not available, we have two other possibilities to work with.  You will be contacted by Email letting you know the date and time of your Tarot reading.  Then, when the time for your reading arrives, Heydi will call you using the number you have provided.

Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Email: tarotbyralph@gmail.com

Disclaimer:   Readings are for entertainment and spiritual guidance purposes only.  We are not doctors, lawyers, or financial advisers.  We offer spiritual and relationship advice drawing from our own experience and backgrounds.  If you require professional advice of another nature, please consult a qualified consultant in the proper field.