Tarot Numerology

Tarot Numerology: A Look At The Basics.

Most people know that each of the different Tarot cards have meanings.  But did you know the numbers of each of these cards have meanings too?  By incorporating the numerological meanings of the cards into your reading, you can add a depth of interpretation which can reveal deeper insights into the questions you are called upon to answer.

Having a working knowledge of basic numerology can also give you more keywords to use when trying to memorize the meanings of each card. This can be a big help in getting you more familiar with the cards at a faster rate of speed.  Committing a few keywords to memory is a lot easier than attempting to memorize paragraphs of information, and it allows you to become more flexible in your interpretations as well.

Below is a thumbnail sketch of a few possible meanings the numbers on these cards can have.  We will start with 1 (Ace) and work our way to 10.

The Numbers

  1. (Ace) New energy;  a new beginning.  Also unity and oneness.
  2. Choices.  Harmony and balance.  Duality.
  3. Creativity.  Relationships.  Abundance.
  4. Stability.  Foundation.  The material world.
  5. Change.  Action.  Also, the midpoint of one’s spiritual journey in life.
  6. The Divine Force within nature.  Nurturing.  Renewal.
  7. Excellence.  Skill.  Perfecting one’s abilities.
  8. Pushing ahead.  Evolution.  Infinity.
  9. Attainment.  Conclusion.  End of the present cycle.
  10. End of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.  Transition to a higher state. Evolution.

Those are the basics.  To see how they can be applied to the cards in both a positive and negative way, spend some time with the video below.  In this video I look at the numerological meanings of the cards in a variety of different suits.

Tarot Numerology: A Look At The Basics.

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