Tarot Deck Reviews Coming Soon…

Tarot Deck Reviews Coming Soon…

Assorted Tarot Decks.

In an effort to update our site, Tarot Deck Reviews will be coming soon to Tarot By Ralph.

These reviews will give a brief history of the Tarot Deck and will include a video “flip through” of all relevant cards.  It is my hope that this service will be of value to beginners still trying to figure out which deck to start with.  These reviews may also be of value to more experienced readers who are looking to update their own Tarot Deck collection.

Tarot Card Interpretations

In addition to adding Tarot Deck Reviews we will also be updating our general information base by adding Tarot Card Interpretations, giving a thumbnail sketch of all 78 cards.  Information covered will include the Numerology of each card, Elemental quality and meaning, Archetypal and Keyword meanings as well as a look at the basic Divinatory meanings of each card.   Each written post will be accompanied by a video presentation as well.

Tarot Spreads

Of course, what is a look at Tarot Cards without considering Tarot Spreads?  In coming posts we will also be including a look at some old and new Tarot Spreads.  I will also give information on how beginning Tarot Readers can construct their own Tarot Spreads.  These posts will likewise include video presentations.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card.

Tarot Postcards  

And finally I will be adding shareable Tarot Postcards to the site.  These “postcards” will include a picture of each Tarot card in a landscape format with a blank spot for adding in your own message or interpretation.  These Tarot Postcards can be used on sites like Twitter that crop portrait pictures (like Tarot cards) into a landscape format, cutting out much of the card detail.  Use your computer’s paint program or platforms like Canva to add your own text to these cards.

Look for these updates in the coming days and weeks ahead.  My goal is to add one new feature each day until all new projects are completed.

Thanks for your continued interest in Tarot By Ralph.  I look forward to serving you more faithfully in the future.




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