New: Meditation For Health and Wholeness

New: Meditation For Health and Wholeness

Sitting meditation.

In response to the worldwide concerns over the Covid 19 pandemic, Tarot By Ralph will be adding a regular practice of meditation to our schedule focusing on health, wholeness, and healing.  We cordially invite you to join us where ever you may be.

Couple relaxing in nature

The new meditation practice will be observed on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights at 8 pm.  If you wish to join us, you may do so at those times or at a time of your own convenience depending on your schedule.

To participate simply set aside the time to clear your mind and relax into a calm meditative state focusing on healing and well being.  This can be healing for yourself or others or both.  Just find a quite place where you can put yourself in the Presence of your Higher Power (as you understand this) and seek any aid you may need.  You can spend as much time in meditation as you wish.  The main idea is to get started and let the practice guide you from there.

Lake side meditation

Meditation has been shown to have a calming effect on the practitioner which can have a positive benefit to one’s immune system.  During these times of stress and uncertainty let’s focus on doing something positive for ourselves and the world around us.  Meditation is one positive thing virtually anyone can do with little or no training.  Just sit down with an open heart and commune with the Universe.

Zen rocks.

For those wishing to have a more formal introduction to the practice of Meditation, I will be posting some basic instructions this week.  But, for now, feel free to join with us tonight at 8 pm your time in the stillness to speak and listen to the God/dess of your understanding.  This practice is open to all people of good will.



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