Covid-19 and Our Commitment To You.

Covid-19 and Our Commitment To You.

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With the spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting Covid-19 pandemic, our world has changed in may ways.  We here at Tarot By Ralph are doing what we can to help.

We are still a small family owned business, but we feel the need to do something, however small, to help others during these times of uncertainty.  Below you will find a list of some of the things we plan on doing (as well as some things we plan to do better) as we move through this global crisis.

Our Commitment To You.

First we endeavor to provide a higher degree of emotional support both for our clients and those who have been following us online.  To that end I have begun sending out complimentary emails to our clients on Wednesday and Sunday.  These emails will be brief and will focus on a card for that day sharing a few positive thoughts on moving through life.

Our current paid clients are already signed up for this service.  If you are currently not one of our clients, you can sign up for this service free by contacting me via the email address below and indicating you would like to receive these mailings.  I will happily add you to the list.

Email Ralph at:

Second, to help foster a sense of community within our small organization I have created the Tarot By Ralph Facebook Group.  This group is intended to be a place where people can interact with one another to share hope and strength as we move through this crisis.  The group will not be a place for others to advertise their own Tarot Reading services or offer free or discounted readings.  What it is intended to do is to offer a place where people can take a break from the negativity often found online in other forums and be uplifted emotionally.  No discussion of Politics or Religion here.  Let’s focus on keeping the group open and positive.

Third, we will strive to do a better job monitoring our current websites and responding to questions and comments.  The various sites where I plan to focus more time and energy include:

Our YouTube Channel

Our Facebook and Instagram Pages

The Tarot By Ralph website here.

If you need someone to be there for you, I promise to do what I can (within reason) to help.

Lastly, we vow to continue to offer quality readings and consultations at a reasonable and fair price.  At a time when other online psychic and Tarot reading services have been encouraging their readers to raise their rates (often times to the tune of $10 to $20 per minute), we have focused on slashing ours.  Right now we offer phone consultations at a 66% reduction of our regular fees elsewhere.

Our current phone rates are $29.99 for a 30 minute consultation and $59.95 for a 60 minute consultation.  Plus we currently offer Email Tarot Readings starting at only $10.  Instead of focusing on “high end” clients only as some psychic networks are, we are renewing our commitment to serve the needs of our working class clients as well as others.

I will update this post as needed as we continue to move through this global crisis.  If you need to reach out to me for any reason, contact me by EMAIL  I will respond as soon as I can depending on time demands.

Best Wishes To All,




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