Announcing My New Tarot Blog.

Announcing My New Tarot Blog.

Over the past few days I have been considering ways in which I can improve our website to provide a better user experience for our clients and readers alike.  Lately I noticed the site was becoming cluttered and disorganized.  So a couple of weeks ago I created a sub-domain which is called simply “Tarot Blog” on which I will post our free articles on Tarot and Spirituality.  Our main site “Tarot By Ralph,” rather than being a combination of free material and paid service information, will be dedicated to presenting information about buying Tarot Readings and other services which we may offer in the not so distant future.

The new sub-domain is already listed in the site menu at top.  It is titled simply “Tarot Blog.”  Tarot Blog will be updated periodically and will contain free articles on Tarot and Spirituality.  The free articles already listed on the main “Tarot By Ralph” site will be gradually migrated to the new site.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, the migration will be complete and clients can come to “Tarot By Ralph” for information about Tarot Readings and other paid services, and readers will be able to go to “Tarot Blog” to take advantage of our free offerings.

To access the new Tarot Blog, either use the link in the menu bar above, or click on the link below.  Also, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Tarot Blog


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