Interpreting Tarot Cards During A Reading

Interpreting Tarot Cards During A Reading

Ralph.  Walking Around Talking Tarot!

Beginning Tarot readers can fall into many traps.   One of those traps can be trying to apply standard textbook Tarot card meanings to the same cards you see during a reading.  And this practice does not always work out.

Why?  The reason is that when we are doing a reading our goal is to answer the clients question as best we can.  In order to do this we must feel comfortable letting our intuition run freely, and not confining our mind and creative thinking to textbook definitions.  Rather we must learn to be freer and loser.  We must be prepared to look at the cards and ask ourselves the question, “What are these cards saying about the question my client has brought to the table?”  Here is one example.

Say a person comes to you asking about a certain real estate deal and The Fool card shows up in a prominent spot.  Now, usually The Fool stands for new beginnings, but for some odd reason your mind starts thinking about a Condo on a hill.  In this case, should you tell the client to go start something new, or should you trust your intuition and pursue the Condo on the hill angle?  I’d say that (if you are the kind of person who can trust their intuition) it’s best to go with the Condo on the hill angle.  Even though no Tarot textbook I am aware of mentions the word “Condo” your mind made that jump for a reason.  And, if “Condo” fits into the question your client has asked, trust you intuition and explore that angle.

A general rule of thumb I like is, when it comes to doing real Tarot readings, it is best to know a few general keywords that fit each card and then, as the cards pop up, see how those general keywords fit into answering the question or issue your client has come to talk to you about.  See how the cards seem to be answering that question, and then focus on presenting that answer as clearly as possible to your client.  And, if something odd jumps into your consciousness and you are pretty sure it applies to your client’s question, run with it.  It may go beyond the standard meaning of the cards that you have seen in your favorite Tarot workbooks, but sometimes that is how our intuition springs to life and the world of Spirit speaks to us.

So, do not let yourself be confined to interpretations other people have dreamed up concerning the cards.  Instead, focus on listening to your “inner voice” and present the best answer you can to your client.  Tarot books are great.  But in a reading, trusting your gut is far superior!

Tarot Deck Reviews Coming Soon…

Tarot Deck Reviews Coming Soon…

Assorted Tarot Decks.

In an effort to update our site, Tarot Deck Reviews will be coming soon to Tarot By Ralph.

These reviews will give a brief history of the Tarot Deck and will include a video “flip through” of all relevant cards.  It is my hope that this service will be of value to beginners still trying to figure out which deck to start with.  These reviews may also be of value to more experienced readers who are looking to update their own Tarot Deck collection.

Tarot Card Interpretations

In addition to adding Tarot Deck Reviews we will also be updating our general information base by adding Tarot Card Interpretations, giving a thumbnail sketch of all 78 cards.  Information covered will include the Numerology of each card, Elemental quality and meaning, Archetypal and Keyword meanings as well as a look at the basic Divinatory meanings of each card.   Each written post will be accompanied by a video presentation as well.

Tarot Spreads

Of course, what is a look at Tarot Cards without considering Tarot Spreads?  In coming posts we will also be including a look at some old and new Tarot Spreads.  I will also give information on how beginning Tarot Readers can construct their own Tarot Spreads.  These posts will likewise include video presentations.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card.

Tarot Postcards  

And finally I will be adding shareable Tarot Postcards to the site.  These “postcards” will include a picture of each Tarot card in a landscape format with a blank spot for adding in your own message or interpretation.  These Tarot Postcards can be used on sites like Twitter that crop portrait pictures (like Tarot cards) into a landscape format, cutting out much of the card detail.  Use your computer’s paint program or platforms like Canva to add your own text to these cards.

Look for these updates in the coming days and weeks ahead.  My goal is to add one new feature each day until all new projects are completed.

Thanks for your continued interest in Tarot By Ralph.  I look forward to serving you more faithfully in the future.




The Fool: Tarot Affirmation

The Fool: Tarot Affirmation


The Fool Tarot card from the Morgan Greer Tarot.

Tarot Affirmations For Self Improvement.

Card: The Fool

Deck: The Morgan Greer Tarot

Keywords: New Beginnings;  Leap of Faith.


I have everything I need to begin any project or enterprise.

I have the courage needed to move ahead despite any difficulties.

The Universe believes in me, and I believe in the Universe.

The journey of self improvement begins with a single step and a giant leap of faith.

I am ready to take the steps necessary to begin my journey of self discovery.



About Ralph.

About Ralph.



Ralph has been a student of the Tarot since the 1970’s.  Born and raised in Mid-America, he felt a calling to ministry at an early age and went on to study for the Catholic priesthood in both minor and major seminaries.  His studies included a focus on several major World Religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.  He served in a traditional Disciples Of Christ Church as senior pastor for 6 years, and then left that mission to pursue private non-denominational and non-sectarian ministry.  He started reading Tarot professionally around 2008 doing phone readings for Keen and other networks. Ralph is a seasoned Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Practitioner, and Mystic with a broad universal understanding of things.  In addition to Tarot, Ralph has self studied other Esoteric subjects including The Kybalion, Wicca and Neo-Pagan Spirituality; and those studies are continuing.  His main focus is on helping clients to find clarity in their lives, offering his services in an open non-judgmental way.

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Why Get A Tarot Reading?

Why Get A Tarot Reading?

Why get a Tarot Reading? 

Well, different people are going to have different reasons for seeking out the services of a Tarot Reader.  I come from the perspective of a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, and to me the Tarot is a fun way to answer questions from different perspectives and to begin seeing life in different ways.  It provides an enjoyable way to probe the deeper issues of life in a non-judgmental manner, and even to reveal hidden issues which neither the reader nor the client saw at first glance.  Tarot, with it’s symbolism, is a fantastic tool to help us think outside of the box and to facilitate more creative thinking in general.

Some use the Tarot to connect with the God or Spiritual Beings of their understanding, and this is definitely my perspective as well.  Still others use the Tarot to probe more deeply into their own Subconsciousness and the Collective Unconsciousness.  As a reader who has been working with Tarot since the 1970’s, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate Tarot in many different ways and have learned to rely on the cards to help myself through many of life’s uncertainties.

Of course the choice as to whether or not to get a Tarot Reading is totally up to the client.  Some may get their first reading simply out of curiosity, and this is a perfect place to start for both the client getting a reading and the novice seeker wanting to learn how to do readings for themselves.  Others may have a long history in consulting the cards and may already know full well what to expect.  Whatever your point of view we here at Tarot By Ralph will work to make your reading experience an enjoyable and enlightening one.

Why Get A Reading With Ralph?

Here at Tarot By Ralph your reader has a long professional relationship with the Tarot.  Ralph has been reading Tarot since the 1970’s, and turned pro around 10 years ago doing phone readings on a few major psychic networks.  I are now building up my own private brand in an effort to become more independent and to help save my clients their own hard earned cash too.  You see, professional phone reading networks are a great place to get started in Tarot reading, but they do charge the reader about 55% of their daily profits, which is a huge business expense.  This expense forces the reader to set their rates at around $3.00 per minute or higher just to get by.  Being an independent brand, Tarot By Ralph can offer services at half that rate and still provide great quality products for our clients.

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Disclaimer: Readings are for Entertainment and Spiritual Guidance purposes only.  We are not doctors or lawyers or financial experts, we are spiritual and life coaches offering guidance in general matters.  If you require professional help in matters of health, law, finance, etc, please contact a professional in the appropriate field.  We also will not do readings that may constitute an invasion of privacy for any third party.  We are here to be of service to you and you alone.  Please be assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we vow to serve in a positive and ethical manner at all times.   



Tarot Superstitions: Is It OK To Read For Yourself?

Tarot Superstitions: Is It OK To Read For Yourself?


One question that comes up from time to time in the world of Tarot reading is, “Is it OK for me to read Tarot for myself?” There are those who would answer, “No,” and there are others who regard that old belief as mere superstition. Still, those who answer “No,” do have a point, which I will deal with shortly.

Personally I read for myself almost daily. If a question comes up that I need a little guidance from the world of Spirit on, I break out my deck, ask my question, and then start throwing the cards on the table. And, most of the time, the practice works perfectly. But there are some times when the assistance of another reader is needed.

I have found that if a question is too serious or too personal – one we might not be able to easily detach ourselves from in order to give a good objective reading – then it is best to seek a third party for a more objective view. Serious issues like a family or personal crisis are perfect examples of when it might be better to seek out the guidance of another professional reader. As human beings, sometimes we like to sugar coat things when it comes to personal issues. And other times, in a situation of extreme crisis or drama, we may tend to go to the other extreme and be too hard on ourselves. At times like these having a trusted third party we can use to seek deeper guidance from is a valuable asset indeed. And when those situations arise, I believe it is best to seek out the guidance of another Tarot reader and not go it alone.

There is an old saying, “The lawyer who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client.” And there is a lot of truth in that statement. How can a lawyer, no matter how good he or she is, be able to detach from the situation at hand completely enough to do a professional job? Having another lawyer who can see things more objectively with far less personal attachment and prejudice, would be a far better choice than representing oneself. Or we can see this question from a different perspective by thinking of doctors and dentists. How many doctors perform surgery on themselves? How many dentists work on their own teeth? Probably not that many. Even if you are an extreme do it yourself’er, there are occasions where seeking out the help of another professional is vital.

Now, if a person is just learning the art of Tarot and is looking for ways to practice, a great way to get that practice is by doing readings for yourself, and then branching out by doing readings for friends and family members. And again, so long as a person is doing general readings of a lighter nature, I see no problems in doing readings for yourself. Doing readings for yourself is a fun way to learn and gain additional experience.  I do general energy readings for myself and my family pretty much on a daily basis, and it all works out fine. But, if you are facing a more extreme situation where you need some friendly advice from Spirit, the cards, and another human being, then it is best to seek out the advice of another trusted reader and lay your soul bear as it were.

No person is an island. There are situations we can handle on our own just fine, and in those situations the do it yourself method is great. But, when you want to go deeper into a probing question – one in which a fresh pair of eyes and perspective is vital – then we must feel free to ask for help and to accept that help. We do not always have all the right answers. On a bad day, we may not even have all the right questions. In those circumstances, seeking help and guidance from another reader makes sense. And helping bring clarity to other people is what the art of Tarot Reading is all about.

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